Khartoum, 1 February 2022 (TDI): The World Food Program (WFP) in Sudan uploaded a tweet today highlighting the drastic situation of the humanitarian crisis within the country.

According to the tweet, it was shown that around 9.8 percent of the population was suffering from the problem of the acute hunger crisis as well as many children being illiterate due to their lack of enrollment within schools The tweet was as follows:

According to the WFP, the aid provided by the United Kingdom also known as ‘Uk Aid Direct‘ is assisting in improving the standards of living and livelihood among the people of Sudan.

Having received a total of 8.24 million US dollars from the country, it is predicted that this large and flexible funding can enable WFP to provide the people of Sudan with urgent food.

UKaid assists in fighting hunger in Sudan
A picture of a child standing in line to receive food provided by WFP

The funding will also be used to help the Sudanese families which are especially vulnerable through monetary support. Furthermore, this funding opens doors to provide young school-going children with meals, specifically for those schools located in areas with high conflict, disaster, and insecurity.

According to the words said by Eddie Rowe, the WFP Country Director, and representative, many people within the country are faced with issues such as the acute hunger crisis.

He expressed how grateful the international organization was to have had such support from the United Kingdom, especially given the fact that it was given at a time when such funding was absolutely necessary given the increasingly deteriorating humanitarian crisis within the region.

Given the flexibility associated with the funding, it makes it much easier for WFP to respond to emergency humanitarian crisis situations quicker. He added that within the year 2022, it is predicted that 9.8 million people within Sudan will face a crisis of food insecurity within the country.

According to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification, the food insecurity crisis situation is measured at being in phase 3 or even greater which is the highest level in human history for any country ever recorded.