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WFP Asia Pacific support to fight hunger in Myanmar


Bangkok, 1 October 2021 (TDI): WFP Asia Pacific helps Myanmar to fight the rising hunger with the help of Japan. While tagging the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, they mentioned that support from donors like Japan remains critical in the situation.

The situation in Myanmar is getting worse. Parents are eating less or skipping meals to feed their children. In the poorest townships in Myanmar’s big cities, people are having a tough life. According to them, Children can’t live without food but we can.

In the series of tweets, WFP Asia Pacific thanks Japan for providing support to the Rohingya population. They also mentioned that Bangladesh has access to locally-farmed fresh food supplied by the host community and local businesses because of Japan’s cooperation.

Last week the Ambassador of Naoki Ito visited the WFP –voucher shop to ensure the work. However, there are various shops providing fresh foods for 860,000 Refugees in Bangladesh because of generous donors like Japan.

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