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Wang Yi to visit South Asian Nations to strengthen cooperation


Beijing, 10 September 2021 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councilor will visit South Asian nations to strengthen cooperation. Two weeks after US vice president Kamila Harris paid a diplomatic visit to these nations, Wang Yi’s trip makes it one of the important events in the region.

Vietnamese spokesperson has announced Wang Yi to co-chair the 13th steering committee for Vietnam-China Bilateral Cooperation along with the Vietnamese counterpart, Bui Thanh Son. Both sides will discuss affairs related to mutual cooperation and strengthen relations to solve regional issues. Covid-19 resilience mechanism will also be on the agenda of the meeting.

After visiting Vietnam, the Chinese foreign minister will stop by Singapore, South Korea, and Cambodia. Bilateral communication on regional affairs and strengthening regional integration will be the primary matter of discussion during these visits along with further Covid-19 control procedures.

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