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Wang Yi addresses at High-level Meeting on NAM 60th Anniversary


Belgrade, 12 October 2021 (TDI):  The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked at a high-level Commemorative Meeting on the 60th anniversary of Non -Aligned Movement (NAM) to discuss the exited position of NAM countries. 

The Chinese Foreign Minister has highlighted the significance of Non-Aligned Movement countries and China’s stance in international politics. He said that NAM is the major platform where developing countries come together for strengthening the cooperation of the developing world to make progress and development in every field. He further added that the developing countries should have to keep their future in our hands and it is more important to make the global governance system equitable and fairer by worthy participation of developing countries. 

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China has been providing strong political support to developing states to maintain the balance of power in the global governance system, and also offering economic assistance to ensure equity in international politics. He said, “ World now facing multiple challenges including a COVID-19 Pandemic which causes a large number of casualties of human lives, therefore we need to overcome the difficulties together, and China is willing to work together with NAM countries.”




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