Baku, 8 November 2021 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan released a statement for Victory Day today. According to the Ministry, Victory Day is a celebration of the strength of the citizens, and for national pride.

The Ministry also remarked that Victory Day is crucial for the development of Azerbaijan and its honor. Victory Day was the result of the 44-Day Patriotic War, which began on 27 September 2020.

The Ministry mentioned that the 44-Day Patriotic War was the response to the military aggression from Armenia, where Azerbaijan reclaimed its territory. Within the borders, Azerbaijan ensured its territorial integrity, according to UNSC resolutions, and decisions of other organizations.


During the military operations of the war, the Commander-in-Chief and President, Ilham Aliyev, guided the army to liberate more than 300 settlements. Between the settlements that Aliyev and the army liberated were the cities of Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Gubadli, Zangilan, and Shusha, according to the Ministry.

The city of Shusha is important for the citizens due to its history, and culture. The military operations ended with the trilateral statement, signed by Russia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, on 10 November 2020. There Armenia recognized its defeat, so they withdrew their remaining forces from Kalbajar, Aghdam, and Lachin regions.

The most important task for Azerbaijan after the war was to rebuild, restore, and also to demining the liberated territories. The objective was to ensure that the displaced citizens could return to their homes safely.

Partner and friendly countries are helping Azerbaijan in this process, which requires time, and finances, to revitalize the liberated countries. Then the Ministry stated that the first displaced citizens will be able to return to their homes; in the coming years.


The note then mentioned that Azerbaijan is taking steps to investigate violations of international law, illegalities, war crimes; and other actions from Armenia. That investigation is within the framework of its policy of aggression, also to bring those responsible for those crimes to justice.

This last one is important because to prevent those cases in the future, it is necessary to punish the perpetrators.


Azerbaijan desires to ensure peace, development, and progress for the future. The Ministry mentioned that after getting rid of remnants of occupation in its territory, they are ready to normalize relations with Armenia.

Azerbaijan will normalize relations with Armenia based on adherence to international law. The note refers that its important to adhere to the principles of sovereignty, border inviolability, and territorial integrity.

Azerbaijan suggests Armenia reciprocate the steps of the first; to ensure peace and security in the region. The Ministry remarked that it is important to implement the trilateral statements.


New realities emerged in the region after the end of the conflict. The Ministry urged Armenia to choose regional cooperation instead of illegal territorial claims against its neighbors.

Then the Ministry called the international community to play a positive role and call Armenia to realize that the solution is peace. The Ministry urged to stop any attempts to support revenge.

Finally, the Ministry stated that the celebration is to respect and honor the martyrs, that gave their lives for the independence and sovereignty of the country.