Hyderabad, November 8, 2021 (TDI): On Friday, the United States Consul General in Karachi, Mark Stroh, visited Hyderabad’s vaccination unit of the Shah Bhittai hospital. The visit came as part of the US and Sindh government’s immunization awareness campaign, “Fizaoon Se Falah Tak.”

The US Consul General commended the efforts of the vaccination awareness campaign, which aims to encourage Pakistani citizens to get vaccinated against the covid-19 pandemic. The campaign was launched on September 30, 2021, with joint efforts of the US and Sindh governments.

While interacting with the healthcare workers and Pfizer vaccine recipients at Shah Bhittai hospital, Mark Stroh exhibited a commitment towards saving Pakistani lives from the Covid-19 pandemic. He encouraged the residents of Hyderabad to instantly get vaccinated to protect themselves and the entire community from the virus.

Mark Stroh noted that the United States has provided approximately 23 million life-saving doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to Pakistan, which is by far the largest such donation to any country worldwide. He also announced the US donation of another 2.3 million vaccines to Islamabad in the coming weeks.

During his visit, the US Consul General expressed gratitude towards the people of Pakistan for their hospitality and aimed to help Islamabad tackle the pandemic. He maintained that the immunization campaign serves as a major step towards President Biden’s goal of delivering 1.1 billion vaccines doses worldwide.

Washington has taken a remarkable initiative to prevent the spread of coronavirus at the national and international levels. By donating 200 million vaccine doses worldwide, the US is leading the global fight against Covid-19.