Islamabad, 1 September 2022 (TDI): The first humanitarian assistance flight from Uzbekistan landed in Islamabad today.

It was received at Islamabad International Airport by Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Agha Hassan Baloch, along with officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & National Disaster Management Authority.

The relief assistance from Uzbekistan was welcomed with warmth and gratitude from Pakistan.

This humanitarian assistance was sent following the floods in Pakistan that have caused significant life and property damage.

Leaders from all around the world have been sending sympathies and expressing solidarity with the country in this difficult time. Many have also sent relief aid and monetary aid to help the country deal with the damages.

Floods in Pakistan:  

In Pakistan, floods have claimed the lives of at least 1,191 people since June 2022, including 380 children.

Heavy monsoon rains that were unusually heavy and glaciers that began to melt after a severe heat wave contributed to the floods, which are all connected to climate change.

Since the floods in South Asia in 2017, it has caused the most fatalities worldwide and is regarded as the worst flood in the history of the nation.

Due to the flooding, Pakistan proclaimed a state of emergency on August 25. The nation’s one-third population was submerged by August 29, according to Pakistan’s minister of climate change, affecting 33 million people.

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Pakistan and Uzbekistan Relations

Pakistan was among the first states who recognized Uzbekistan in 1991 after the soviet disintegration. Since then, the two states enjoy cordial ties. The relations between the two states are bound by a shared cultural and religious background.

Apart from this, there has been frequent exchange of state visits between Government officials, aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation.

Pakistan and Uzbekistan are members of different international forums including the United Nations (UN), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).