Mazar-I-Sharif, 23 December 2021 (TDI): Uzbekistan sent humanitarian aid for the people of Afghanistan through a 63 carriage freight train. The handing over ceremony took place in the Afghan city of Mazar-I-Sharif.

Uzbekistan sent humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Flour, rice, sugar, food, basic necessities, clothing, textiles, and coal with a total weight of more than 4 thousand tons, comprised the aid. The gesture embodies the goodwill of the Uzbek people for Afghanistan.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Interim Government of Afghanistan, Sher Abbas Stanikzai expressed gratitude on behalf of the Afghan people. He appreciated the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev for his steady support, solidarity, and attention in such dire times.

He highlighted that the Head of Uzbekistan was among the first to respond to the call of help for the people of Afghanistan. The policy of Shavkat Mirziyoyev is considered by the Afghan people as the true epitome of good neighborliness, humanism, and brotherhood.

Representatives from Uzbekistan and Afghanistan spoke at the occasion

Deputy Minister Stanikzai emphasized that the Afghan people have always discerned the brotherly attitude of the Head of Uzbekistan. In that regard, the new authorities of Afghanistan will do everything possible to further fortify good-neighborly relations. Besides, they will not allow any threats from their region to adjoining countries, including Uzbekistan.

Qudratullah Abu-Hamza, the Governor of Balkh Province was also present at the occasion. He underscored the timeliness of humanitarian assistance and its particular importance for the Afghan people in the winter season. The gesture is another confirmation of the profound spiritual and historical ties between the two brotherly neighbors.

In addition, the representatives of the Afghans also spoke at the ceremony. These included well-known figures of ethnic Uzbeks. They also expressed earnest gratefulness to the President of Uzbekistan for his unparalleled assistance.

The Uzbek President has been supporting Afghanistan in the most difficult times and has remained a true friend of the Afghan people. It also was stated that the aid will help to prevent mass famine, severe humanitarian as well as food crises in Afghanistan. Chefs from Uzbekistan prepared a generous Uzbek pilaf during the event and served it to all the attendees. It was also served to a large number of Afghans.