Tashkent, 6 June 2023 (TDI): The Special Representative of the President of Uzbekistan to Afghanistan met with the Japanese Ambassador to Uzbekistan on 5 June. They discussed the measures to extend their cooperation toward promoting peace and stability as well as providing humanitarian support to Afghanistan.

A Glimpse of the Discussion

The two parties focused on continuing their efforts to establish peace in Afghanistan and provide the utmost needed humanitarian assistance to its population.

Along with it, the implementation of large infrastructure projects and the development of trade relations with its neighbouring states while exploring its transit potential were discussed.

The potential to use the trade and logistics hub in Uzbekistan, the “Termez Cargo Centre,” for the implementation of joint humanitarian and educational projects was also considered.

Humanitarian and Security Situation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is considered to have become a breeding ground for terrorists after the Taliban takeover, increasing the threats to its neighbours.  

This dire security situation is accompanied by a humanitarian crisis which has driven the attention of the other states and urged them to provide its people with the required humanitarian aid for survival.

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After engaging in war for several decades, Afghanistan is now on the brink of economic collapse with elevated human security concerns as the international community refuses to recognize the government. The most suffering are Afghans.

Provision of Humanitarian Assistance by Uzbekistan   

Uzbekistan has been working with UNHCR in dealing with one of the worst humanitarian crises by facilitating the cross-border provision of aid and assistance to Afghanistan.

Termez Regional Humanitarian Logistics Hub, established by UNHCR, is a center for humanitarian supplies to Afghanistan.

The proximity of Termez to the border makes the cross-border movement of supplies easy.

A Key to Afghanistan’s Stability

Afghanistan has a huge trade potential, so strengthening its trade sector along with implementing infrastructure projects is key to making it a self-sustaining country. Only then will the regional efforts bear fruit and Afghanistan will be able to mitigate its human security concerns and become resilient towards terrorist organisations.

Therefore, Uzbekistan and Japan held discussions to exchange views regarding Afghanistan’s stability.