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USAID announces targets through PREPARE


Washington, 4 November 2021 (TDI): On 1 November, USAID announced its targets to advance the President’s Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE). According to USAID, PREPARE will support developing countries and also communities in their efforts to adapt.

PREPARE will also manage the impacts of climate change. USAID stated that PREPARE activated a coordinated approach. It will serve as the framework that brings together the development expertise.


The targets of USAID through PREPARE are several. Firstly, the mobilization of public and private finance for climate-resilient water and sanitation services by 2030.

The second one is to launch the Green Recovery Investment Platform. This Platform plans to invest 250 million to mobilize 2.5 billion of private finance. This investment is for adaptation and mitigation by 2027 by creating incentives and reducing risks to address the climate finance gap.

The third one is the target to invest 100 million in five years, leveraged by an equal amount from private sector partners. The destination for this investment would be the sustainable conservation of forests and the well-being of local communities.

USAID and the State Department will contribute 21.8 million to disaster risk financing in Africa. With this investment, African countries can access and layer disaster risk financing. This investment also includes insurance coverage; necessary for extreme weather events.

USAID and the State Department also intend to support vulnerable countries to develop, implement, and finance their adaptation priorities. USAID communicated this in their National Adaptation Plans and also other adaptation planning documents.

The 6th target of USAID is to bolster climate adaptation and resilience in Central America. USAID intends to do this by expanding climate information and services through the SERVIR program. SERVIR is a partnership of USAID, NASA, and also with other worldwide geospatial organizations.


The 7th target is that under the Climate and Weather-Ready Nations program, USAID and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration associated then. Both plan to train local climate forecasters and also leaders to predict climate hazards and their impacts.

Both plan to strengthen hydrometeorological early warning systems; and expand climate observations through 3-D printed automated weather stations.


The last target is that USAID will coordinate with other US government agencies and partners. With this coordination, USAID wants to help partner countries to achieve their commitments, made in alignment with WHO’s initiatives then. The initiatives are on Climate Resilient Health Systems and also Sustainable, low Carbon Health Systems.

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