Bogota, 10 August 2022 (TDI): The administrator of USAID, Samantha Power visited Colombia and represented the US at Colombia’s presidential inauguration. She arrived on Sunday for President Gustavo Petro’s inauguration as a head of the state.

Along with Gregory Meeks, chair of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs
Committee, she was accompanied by Juan González, the principal director for Western
Hemisphere Affairs.

The Administrator and the rest of the delegation subsequently met with Gustavo Petro, the
President of Colombia, and Francia Marquez, the vice president, to express their congratulations on their historic electoral victory and to advance bilateral relations.

Samantha Power’s Remarks

Samantha Power on the occasion congratulated the people of Colombia on their new government and wished success to President Petro and Vice President Marquez as they begin their administration.

Moreover, she told President Petro that the United States looks forward to developing and strengthening its relations with Colombia.

Additionally, she conveyed the intentions of President Biden to strengthen the long-standing collaboration and advance goals that can unite both nations.

The Administrator explained that the Colombian people had expressed their desired change at the polls during the free and fair elections that elected President Petro and his cabinet.

Consequently, she said that the US also recognizes Colombia’s will to achieve long-lasting peace and prosperity for all. She said they had seen decades of conflict and considerable economic disparity and now they stood up for change.

Vice President Marquez’s Remarks

The US agency was requested for social help for Afros and indigenous people by the Vice
President of Colombia.

Colombian Vice President explained this on Twitter. She wrote that it was important now to create a social support component for indigenous and Afro people, who continue to suffer unfairly as a result of the armed war.

Furthermore, she said that community growth and well-being are essential things for a state.

USAID Administrator’s meeting with Vice President

Administrator Power appreciated the struggle of Vice President Francia Marquez. She said that she was honored to meet Francia Marquez on her inauguration as Colombia’s first Afro-Colombian Vice President.

Afterward, the two met and talked about how the US and Colombia may cooperate in the years to come. Samantha Power expressed that USAID was pleased to assist Francia Marquez in her environmental initiatives.

She said that she values how the Vice President gives underrepresented Colombians a sense of pride and optimism.

Furthermore, she appreciated Vice President Marquez for her efforts all these years. Additionally, Administrator Power commended attendees for speaking up in favor of a more tranquil, secure, inclusive, and democratic society.

Lastly, the Administrator promised the Colombian people that the US would continue to support their efforts to advance inclusiveness, security, and human rights.

Later, the President of Colombia’s dinner was attended by Administrator Power. The Administrator highlighted USA’s robust collaboration with Colombia, over the past 200 years.

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