Caracas, 8 August 2022 (TDI): The Head of State and Government of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro congratulated Gustavo Petro on becoming the new President of Colombia. The President of Venezuela affirmed his commitment to restoring the brotherly ties with Colombia.

Nicolás Maduro emphasized the need to take advantage of the “second opportunity” in terms of community well-being, happiness, and peace. The message was released in line with Gustavo Petro’s administration announcement for the years 2022–2026.

Moreover, the President of Venezuela said, “For the peace of Colombia, for the peace of Venezuela!” which signified the commitment to re-establish ties between the two states.

President of Colombia’s remarks

Gustavo Petro, during his first speech as President of Colombia, highlighted that his election as the President marks a starting-pointing of political and social change.

Moreover, the President said, “I want to let everyone know that today marks the beginning of a time of change.”

In these words, Gustavo Petro upheld the tradition of the Liberator Simón Bolvar, whose sword he had relocated from the Casa de Mario to go with him in his inaugural address.

The President of Colombia wished that the sword never be wielded or sheathed again when justice has been established in the country. Additionally, he stated that “it is the people’s weapon, which is why we wanted it here.”

Moreover, Gustavo Petro outlined how his administration would focus on ten key areas, including unity, a productive economy, and gender equality.

Venezuela and Colombia’s relations

The first high-level rapprochement between Venezuela and Colombia after three years of
sporadic diplomatic relations occurred this year on 22 June. Moreover, the rapprochement occurred during a phone conversation between the President of Venezuela and the President of Colombia.

Furthermore, on 28 July, both countries confirmed their intention to select ambassadors as soon as Colombia’s new administration takes office.