Washington DC, 19 April 2023 (TDI): Today, Secretary of Defense of the United States (US), Lloyd J. Austin III met with United Kingdom (UK)’s Secretary of State for Defense, Ben Wallace at the Pentagon to reaffirm the strong and enduring US-UK defense relationship.

During the meeting, both leaders discussed the ongoing support for Ukraine, including through the provision of security assistance, as Russia’s aggressive actions continue to threaten stability in the region.

So, they emphasized the importance of standing together to counter Russian aggression and support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

US Defense Secretary and UK Secretary Wallace also discussed the AUKUS trilateral agreement and the opportunity to set an historic precedent in naval nuclear propulsion while simultaneously setting the highest nuclear non-proliferation standards.

For the record, this agreement involves the US, the UK, and Australia, and includes the sharing of advanced technology which aims to enhance security and defense cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

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Also, they reaffirmed the commitment of the US and the UK to work closely together to enhance the security and defense capabilities of their respective nations.

Furthermore, the two leaders discussed the recently renewed US-UK Statement of Intent on Enhanced Cooperation on Carrier Operations and Maritime Power Projection.

This agreement reflects the progress made in deepening interoperability and will enable US-UK carrier cooperation for the next decade.

In the same vein, they looked forward to meeting again this week at the Ukraine Defense Contact Group and continuing to deepen the US-UK special relationship.

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Thus, the meeting highlighted the strong and enduring partnership between the US and the UK, which is built on shared values and a commitment to promoting peace, security, and prosperity around the world.

In a nutshell, the US-UK partnership is an important pillar of the transatlantic alliance, and the leaders are committed to continuing to deepen this special relationship for years to come.