Amman, 6 September 2022 (TDI): The US Embassy in Amman announced the allied military exercises under the codename of “Eager Lion 2022” in Jordan.

This military exercise will consist of the United States (US), Jordan, as well as other 28 nations. The exercise started on 4 September 2022.

Eager Lion 2022 is one of the largest military exercises in the region of the Middle East. The sharing of military expertise is encouraged through this framework. The exercise also helps in the development of modern warfare skills.

The organizing of such military exercises is also held to improve the interoperability of the allies of the US. The Eager Lion 2022 military exercises are considered an important aspect of the strategic and defense partnership of the US and Jordan.

Jordan is a vital partner of the US in the region. A similar claim can be made for the US military’s Central Command (CENTCOM).

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan also considered the following military exercises as important for their defensive capabilities. The Armed Forces of Jordan announced the preparations for Eager Lion 2022 by showing its willingness of being a partner of the US.

Importance of Eager Lion 2022

The partner nations stressed the importance of military exercises under the codename “Eager Lion 2022”. It is important for developing capacities in both traditional and non-traditional security environments.

The US will collaborate with the partner nations like Jordan and other allies in the conducting of humanitarian operations. Advancing proficiencies in maritime and border security as well as in the development of counterterrorism skills.

There will be a full-scale focus on addressing the challenges in air, land, naval and cyber warfare. Long-range bomber missions and integrated air and missile defense synchronization on the joint level are to be held in.

Conduct of joint air exercises

The US Air Force under the CENTCOM had conducted aerial exercises with the partner air forces. Bomber Task Force (BTF) of the partner nations took part in it to support naval forces in the battle.

Many advanced aircraft took part in today’s exercises. The list includes the KC-135 block 10, FGR 4, RJ-135, F-15, F-18 Super Hornets, and A-330.