Phnom Penh, 6 August 2022 (TDI): The Secretary of State of the United States, Antony J. Blinken announced a $25 million USAID for Cambodia. The funds will help Cambodia with its food security and nutrition issues.

State Secretary Blinken in Cambodia

The Secretary of State of the US kicked off his trip to the Indo-pacific region with Cambodia.

In Cambodia, the Secretary met with the government officials of Cambodia and also attended the ASEAN ministerial. Moreover, Secretary Blinken had announced that his visit to Phnom Penh is majorly to affirm USA’s support for a unified ASEAN.

Additionally, the Secretary also visited the Agribusiness Showcase in Cambodia and received updates about the food insecurity problems faced by the people in Cambodia.

The Secretary of the State affirmed to the people that his visit also affirmed US support for states facing a food crisis.

Moreover, at the Agribusiness Showcase, the Secretary of State announced a $25M food security program in Cambodia. The program will be led by Feed the Future and USAID programming.

Harvest III under USAID-led Feed the Future

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) had announced previously that 45% of Cambodians live under severe food insecurity. Moreover, 60% of its population lives in rural areas which makes them more vulnerable to climate shocks, temperature fluctuations, and extreme weather events.

The Harvest III  project will address the food security crisis in southeast Asia. Additionally, it will engage the private sector by creating more jobs, diversifying diets, and helping the marginalized population in the state.

Harvest III is a five-year program that will help in promoting sustainable economic growth by diversifying Cambodia’s agriculture sector. The agriculture sector is targeted more as 60% of Cambodia’s population living in rural areas rely on agriculture for their livelihood.

Farmers will get aid in increasing the growth of their products and will also be connected to international buyers. Additionally, it will also them in modernizing their way to deal with growing climatic threats and food crises.

Feed the Future initiative

The Feed the Future initiative works under USAID- a U.S. government-led program. Its main aim is to study the root causes of global hunger and poverty. Additionally, the initiative helps in dealing with the rising food insecurity problem in the world.

Consequently, it has invested over $100 Million in the agriculture and food security assistance programs in Cambodia. Resultantly, the aid has helped more than 200,000 farmers in increasing their production and sales which has improved their livelihood.