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US priorities in Europe for 2024, unveil key goals


Washington DC, 30 January 2024 (TDI): The US priorities in Europe for 2024 enlist different aspects that can progress towards incredible success on NATO’s 75th anniversary. The US Assistant Secretary Jim O’Brien attended the German Marshall Fund on January 25.

The US Assistant Secretary Jim O’Brien released a written statement that said, “The US State Department’s priorities in Europe for 2024 include helping Ukraine win the war against Russia, supporting EU succession for W. Balkans, and celebrating NATO’s incredible success on its 75th anniversary.”

The German Marshall Fund also issued a written statement that highlights that Assistant Secretary O’Brien visited and conversed about widening European inclusion and managing challenges in new technology, migration, and climate.

Assistant Secretary Address at the German Marshall Fund

As exclaimed by Assistant Secretary O’Brien, since World War II, Europe was in a devastated environment where institutions were failing, economies were stagnant, and millions of people were dying.

80 years later, in 2024, the aim is to demonstrate reasonable governments that can deliver results on issues that matter to citizens.

Moreover, he stated that the Ukrainians have continuously opted to maintain democracy despite a full-scale invasion by Russia.

In addition, the Secretary posited optimism and hope that Ukraine will be stronger by the end of 2024 and in a better situation to determine its future. Furthermore, he addressed that humanitarian concerns at the global level, support for Israel, and support for Ukraine and Taiwan, are the main prospects for progress.

To further elaborate, the Assistant Secretary mentioned Serbia and how the country is doing pretty well by investment and economic standards. Moreover, the growth in Serbia is increasing over time with high investment value.

Concerning NATO, the Assistant Secretary talked about Georgia as a critical security partner in the Black Sea. He further said that we will work with the European Union closely to manage global key trade.


Hamail Tahir
Hamail Tahir
A student of MPhil in Strategic Studies at National Defence University Islamabad (NDU). She is eager to understand the global changing dynamics and how states use their national interests to acquire regional hegemony. Her focus primarily lies in diplomatic and strategic initiatives during peace and conflict paradigms and can be reached at hamail.tahir@gmail.com

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