Tokyo, 24 May 2022 (TDI): The President of the United States, Joe Biden, spoke at the Quad Summit that took place on Tuesday in Tokyo for the fourth time and the second time in person.

The President expressed his joy to be together with the other three leaders and called it a transformative moment in the world.

He commended the Japanese Prime Minister for his extraordinary leadership and for graciously hosting the Quad leaders.

The American President also thanked the Prime Minister of India and Australia for their remarks and congratulated the latter on his election.

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He said he greatly appreciated his commitment to attending the Quad meeting soon after taking office.

President Biden remarked that the Quad leaders met for the first time just over one year ago and their partnership is central to achieving the goals and the foundation of continuing cooperation.

He said the countries have already accomplished a great deal, such as cooperating on COVID-19 response and health security, partnering on 5G and technology supply chains, technology standards settings, and launching the Quad Fellowship Program.

On the Russian war against Ukraine:

Commenting on the Russian war against Ukraine, Biden called it a “dark hour in their shared history” which has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe.

He emphasized that the Ukrainian is not a European issue but a global issue and claimed that Putin is just trying to extinguish a culture by targeting public places.

The President mentioned the consequent global food crisis that is made worse by Russia’s blocking of Ukraine from exporting its millions of tons of grain. He added that as long as Russia continues the war, the United States will work with its partners to help be the global response because it’s going to affect all parts of the world.

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On the partnership with Indo-Pacific

Further talking about the Indo-Pacific region, he said that the United States must and will be strong, steady, and an enduring partner in the Indo-Pacific.

He added that the US is in Indo-Pacific and it is an Indo-pacific power. He said, “I was once asked by the leader of China why I kept talking about being an Indo-Pacific power. And I said, “Because we are. We share the Pacific — one entire side of our country.” And we have been deeply involved with all of you for a long time.”

Moreover, he said the US is going to stand with the Indo-Pacific as a close democratic partner and for the shared values and vision. He shared that shortly before Russia launched this invasion, his administration published the American Indo-Pacific strategy to advance a free, open, connected, secure, and resilient Indo-Pacific. Therefore, Russia’s assault on Ukraine only heightens the importance of those goals.

Concluding remarks: 

He stated that the Quad has a lot of work ahead of it to keep the region peaceful and stable, tackle this pandemic and the next one, address the climate crisis, and ensure that technologies of the future are governed according to their values.

Finally, he said, they have shown that Quad isn’t just a passing fad. It means business. It is here to get things done for the region and he is proud of what they are building together.

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Therefore, he looked forward to our vital partnership flourishing for many years to come.