New York, 24 May 2022 (TDI): The UN Undersecretary-General for political and peacebuilding affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo underscored the role of digital technologies. She has stressed developing consensus on the use of these technologies for the betterment of the people and the planet.

Rosemary DiCarlo emphasized taking collective and collaborative actions by the member states to achieve this goal. She delivered these remarks while addressing the Security Council on Monday.

Digital Technology has been cleared an instrumental role in offering countless opportunities for financial inclusion education on sustainable development.

While highlighting the impact of social media on the transformation of human rights and humanitarian advocacy, she set that social media has mobilized people worldwide and helps address urgent issues.

In maintaining peace and security, technical developments have improved the ability to detect crises, better pre-position humanitarian aid, and create data-driven peacebuilding tools, she said.

he underscored the role of digital tools in strengthening peacemaking and peacebuilding during conflicts through the dissemination of information and early warning data, DiCarlo added.

Hidayah Agreement

DiCarlo pointed out that the UN Mission to Support Hidayah Agreement ( UNMHA) in Yemen has helped to analyze, understand, and respond to crises and address digital risks.

UNMHA uses satellite Imagery and mapping technology to enhance ceasefire monitoring.
She also highlighted the role of digital tools to network with traditionally excluded groups, including women.

Safety and security
While discussing the strategy for the digital transformation of peacekeeping, DiCarlo emphasized the role of digital tools in ensuring the safety and security of civilians.

She underscored that this initiative has helped visualize and convey data-rich analysis to facilitate decision-making for the council.

It represents an essential step toward achieving the goal of effective mandate implementation while increasing early warning capacities, she added while highlighting the UN’s work on the ground for ambassadors.

Digital Transformation issues

While addressing the prevention of malicious use of technology, DiCarlo stated that the incidents of national and non-state sponsored incidents of misuse of technology have quadrupled since 2015.

“Of specific concern is activity targeting infrastructure that provides essential public services, such as health and humanitarian agencies,” she said.

DiCarlo concluded by sharing success consensus exemplars including the Global digital compact, New Agenda for Peace, and Code of Conduct for Integrity in Public Information, initiatives planned and drafted to take a holistic view of global digital security. These measures also ensure an open, free, and secure digital future for all.