Washington DC, 11 April 2022 (TDI): In a statement, the US has emphasized the importance of its long-standing partnership with Pakistan.

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A State Department official said that the United States has always seen a developed and democratic Pakistan as essential to its interests, in response to Imran Khan’s defeat in a vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly.

According to the spokesperson, Pakistan’s constitution specifies democratic mechanisms for determining leadership and governance.

The spokesperson believed that the rule of law, good governance, and democratic ideals would be upheld by all political parties.

Following a vote of no confidence over claims of economic mismanagement and mishandling of the country’s foreign policy, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was removed from office.

The former Prime Minister was dismissed in a legislative vote held on Sunday. To unseat him, the opposition required 172 votes out of the 342 members of the legislature.

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A coalition of legislators, including more than a dozen defectors from Khan’s own political party, endorsed the motion of no confidence.

The vote came after Pakistan’s Supreme Court declared on Thursday that a decision to block a previous vote of no confidence in Khan on charges of financial mismanagement was unconstitutional.

Imran Khan’s earlier order to dissolve parliament and call for early elections was also invalidated by the Supreme Court, which said it had “no legal effect.

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Former Prime Minister claimed the US singled him out because, unlike his opponents, he couldn’t “simply be exploited as a puppet by the West” in terms of foreign policy independence.

He claimed that while he was not anti-American, he would not allow his country to be “used as tissue paper” in a “one-sided relationship.”

He also called for nationwide rallies on Sunday against what he claimed was an attempt by “foreign powers” to “install” a new administration.