Washington DC, 29 March 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, held a productive discussion with Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani to address the pressing challenges currently facing Tunisia.

During the conversation, the two diplomats explored potential solutions to support the Tunisian people in their pursuit of a democratic and accountable government.

Furthermore, Blinken expressed his appreciation for Italy’s commitment to enhancing democracy and stability in Tunisia. Afterward, he underscored the importance of a coordinated international approach to address the challenges facing the country.

Also, the two officials discussed the need to engage with Tunisian leaders and civil society to understand their priorities and work collaboratively toward addressing their concerns.

Likewise, Blinken also emphasized the importance of supporting Tunisia’s economic recovery and addressing the social and economic factors that are fueling political instability.

He urged the international community to step up efforts to provide economic assistance and promote investment in the country.

Apart from that, the Italian Foreign Minister Tajani affirmed his country’s commitment to working with the US and other international partners to support Tunisia’s democratic transition.

He expressed Italy’s willingness to share its own experiences in democratic reforms and economic development, in order to help Tunisia build a stable and prosperous future.

Promoting stability and democracy in Tunisia

The two officials discussed the role that the US and its allies can play in supporting Tunisia’s transition to democracy, including through diplomatic engagement, economic assistance, and security cooperation.

Additionally, they explored ways to deepen collaboration between their respective governments in promoting democracy and human rights in the region.

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Thus, Secretary Blinken and Foreign Minister Tajani concluded their discussion by reiterating their shared commitment to promoting peace and stability in Tunisia and the wider region.

In a nutshell, they agreed to continue working closely together to support the Tunisian people’s aspirations for a democratic and accountable government, and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the US and Italy.