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US hosted Youth Townhall during the summit for Democracy


Washington DC, 17 December 2021(TDI): In parallel to the summit of Democracy between Nations hosted by President of the United States Joe Biden, the United States ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield hosted a youth version of the summit with young people of different nationalities.

The young participants represented over 60 nations in the session. The goal was to regroup the youth for a youth town hall to discuss democracy and how the new generation can lead to change in their communities. US Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield and the young leaders interacted through virtual media.

The town hall session goal was to showcase the participants who are leaders in their communities and motivate their involvement in the improvement of the world in general. It was also underlined, that it is the responsibility of the rulers to protect their voices. Moreover, the youth must be protected even if their voices are critical of their government.

Ambassador Thomas Greenfield said that far too often, young people’s perspectives are ignored. So this occasion was meant to give them space to express themselves and be heard.

In the session, the US ambassador and the youth discussed topics on the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, racial injustice, equity, and inclusion. It is often the youth that is in the front line of these topics in the real world.
However, in the decision making the voices of the adult of tomorrow do not get attention. So their respective countries can add them to the table to exchange on these serious matters.

Summit for Democracy

The summit for Democracy is an initiative that the United States president Joe Biden organized to enhance and renew the commitment to the democratic system. The summit participants were officials of different nations, leaders of various civil societies, and leaders of the private sector.

On the 9 and  10 of December this year the summit for democracy took place. During the meeting, the leaders focused on 3 threats to democracy, which are corruption, authoritarianism, and human rights.


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