Dushanbe, 9 September 2022 (TDI): The US Department of State’s bureau for South and Central Asian affairs congratulated Tajikistan on the occasion of 31st Independence day.

The US State Department’s Bureau for South and Central Asian affairs added that Tajikistan is a key partner of the US. It was also added that Tajikistan is regarded as an important partner of the US in combating climate change, human rights, and economic development.

The Tajiks celebrated their independence from the Soviet Union on 9th September when their country declared succession on the same day in 1991.

Blinken wished the Tajik people

The Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken congratulated the people of Tajikistan on the occasion of the 31st Independence day. He added that the United States sees Tajikistan as an important partner in jointly combating the threat of terrorism.

Secretary Blinken mentioned the already established cultural ties with Tajikistan as a major achievement in their diplomatic relations. He pointed out the confidence of the United States in Tajikistan concerning combating environmental security threats through the C5+1 platform.

US Ambassador wishes Tajik people

The Ambassador of the United States to the Tajik Republic, John M. Pommersheim stated his congratulations to the people and government of Tajikistan. He delivered a video message on the 31st Independence Day of Tajikistan in the Tajik language.

The US Ambassador regarded Tajikistan as a potential partner. He added that Americans wish Tajiks to have a strong nation with integrity. He also added that the US supported the country to strengthen its border security forces.

Relations of the US-Tajikistan

The US and Tajikistan opened diplomatic relations in February 1992. The relations between the two strengthened in 2002 when Tajik President Rahmon paid a visit to the US.

Both sides increased their security cooperation since then to combat transnational and organized crimes. The aims were to eradicate illegal drug trafficking, terrorism, and economic crimes.

Dushanbe and Washington D. C. signed 34 bilateral documents to enhance security, military, trade, and technical cooperation. The two sides signed 22 agreements to strengthen intergovernmental and political affiliation.

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