Los Angeles, 11 June 2022 (TDI): US Vice-President Kamala Harris announced a Partnership to Address the Climate Crisis 2030 (PACC 2030) with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) during the 9th Summit of the Americas

The Partnership focuses on addressing energy security and the climate crisis in the Caribbean Region.

The initiative involves new commitments to climate adaptation and resilience and clean energy programs across the region.

A White House press statement said that “The Biden-Harris Administration recognizes the unique and evolving climate and energy challenges facing Caribbean nations.” It said further, “and we are committed to working together on solutions.”

PACC 2030 establishes a framework to advance US-Caribbean cooperation for supporting climate adaptation and strengthening energy security.

It will also support increasing the resistance of critical infrastructure and local economies to climate change.

Moreover, PACC 2030 will be the primary mechanism of the US government for regional environmental and energy cooperation till 2030.

The White House also announced that there will be four instrumental pillars to achieve the objectives defined under PACC 2030.

These four pillars are:

  • Improving access to development financing
  • Facilitating clean energy project development and investment
  • Enhancing local capacity building
  • Deepening collaboration with Caribbean partners

The US will increase financing and investment for development and clean energy projects across the Caribbean.

Furthermore, the PACC 2030 will support local capacity building and work in collaboration with the Caribbean countries.

Climate and Energy Challenge in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is very vulnerable to climate crisis. As a collection of small island states, it faces several challenges.

These challenges include the sea level rise that threatens low-lying islands and intensifies the threat of storm surges and hurricanes.

In addition, the region is still recovering from the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. Additionally, the War in Ukraine has compounded the food crisis and other challenges in the region.

During the 9th Summit of the Americas, US Vice President Kamala Harris met with leaders and representatives from 15 Caribbean countries.

She expressed to them that the US prioritizes its relations and cooperation with the region.

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