Geneva, 11 June 2022 (TDI): The United Nations Human High Commissioner for Refugees (UNRCR) spokesperson, Ravina Shamdasani, has urged the Brazilian government to redouble efforts to protect the human rights defenders, activists, environmentalists, and journalists.

Further, The OHCHR spokesperson emphasized the local and federal agencies react robustly and expeditiously by deploying available means and resources to conduct search operations in remote areas of Javeri Valley.

Shamdasani expressed the UN’s concern about the continued lack of information on the whereabouts of the missing journalists.

Earlier, Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous rights defender Bruno Araújo Pereira went missing in the remote area in the Western Amazon of Brazil, Javari Valley.

Also, the area is seriously affected by illegal activities such as illegal mining, fishing, human trafficking, and increased activities by non-state actors and armed groups.

“Our regional office for South America is monitoring the situation closely,” she added.

Earlier, the British journalist Phillips, and indigenous rights activists from the Brazilian indigenous affairs agency, Pereira, were reported missing on 5 June near Peru and Colombia.

According to the local community, they were seen traveling in a boat on the Itaquai River on Sunday.

Monitoring and reporting illegal activities 

Meanwhile, the missing duo has played an instrumental role in awareness-raising the indigenous people’s rights and illegal activities in the Javeri Valley by monitoring and reporting.

In Addition, Pereira has reportedly received threats for his work on environmental rights and indigenous people.

In addition, Shamdasani commended the civil society groups for their coordinated efforts to locate the two missing men by sending search and rescue missions in the area.

Subsequently, she highlighted the constant attacks and harassment faced by human rights defenders, environmentalists, and journalists in Brazil.

Furthermore, she emphasized that the authorities act responsibly to ensure freedom of expression and association, free from attacks and threats by activists and journalists.

Brazilian government
Civil society and activists protested to locate the missing journalist Phillips and Activist Pereira, who went missing on 5 June.

Consequently, UNCHR retaliates its call to protect the rights of indigenous peoples in Brazil.

In addition, it urges the Brazilian government and relevant authorities to adopt adequate measures to guarantee their rights to territories and traditional livelihoods.

Further, the agency emphasized protecting these resources from violence and discrimination by State and non-state actors.

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