Ottawa/Washington DC, 10 December 2022 (TDI): The United States (US) and Canada introduced another round of sanctions against Iran, on Friday.

Both countries announce sanctions against 22 members of Iran’s judiciary and prison system for alleged human rights violations. Sanctions are introduced in wake of the world days for anti-corruption and human rights.

They come after the first execution by Iranian authorities of a 23-year-old protester, Mohsen Shekari. The execution received condemnation from leaders around the world.

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Joint Statement by Canada and United States

During the statement, US & Canada reproached Iranian security forces for killing hundreds of protestors. Additionally, they showed concern over the arbitrary detention of thousands more in their effort to silence the people of Iran.

In this vein, the statement said, “Today, we have taken coordinated sanctions actions against Iranian officials connected to human rights abuses.”

“It includes abuses committed as part of the ongoing brutal crackdown aimed at denying the Iranian people their human rights and fundamental freedoms.” The statement continued.

Notably, the sanctions against Iranian officials are part of larger US & Canadian campaigns.  It focuses on more than 40 individuals & entities across nine countries on International Anti-Corruption Day.

The other countries include North Korea, Russia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mali, and the Philippines. The penalties include freezing assets and restricting individuals from engaging in transactions in US & Canada.

The statement concluded with both parties reaffirming their support for the brave people of Iran. They asked the Iranian regime to end the use of violations against its own people.

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Iran’s first execution amid protests

On Thursday, Iranian authorities announced the execution of a protester over the recent anti-government unrest. The protester was identified as Mohsen Shekari, a human rights activist.

He was charged with being a “rioter” who, in September, blocked a major street in Tehran. Mohsen was convicted and hanged without a fair trial.

The judiciary has so far announced that at least 11 other people have been sentenced to death by Revolutionary Courts on the charges of “corruption on Earth.”

Notably, Iran is under civil unrest since 16 September when Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman died in the custody of the police.