US-Cambodia to jointly combat human trafficking

US Ambassador to Cambodia co-hosted an inter-ministerial meeting

Phnom Penh, 21 October 2021 (TDI): The US Ambassador to Cambodia, Patrick Murphy co-hosted a joint inter-ministerial meeting. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss measures to counter human trafficking.

The Minister of Women’s Affairs, Ing Kanthaphavy spearheaded the Cambodian delegation. Representatives from the Ministries of Labor, Justice, and Social Affairs also attended the event.

During the meeting, human trafficking and its debilitating impact on every country, including Cambodia, was discussed. The US Ambassador reiterated his country’s support for Cambodia in the prevention of this crime.

The US has launched a new five-year program with the name of Counter Trafficking in Person (CTIP), to assist Cambodia in its fight against human trafficking. It is imperative to have a clear database related to trafficking and the legal proceeding of cases.

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