Sydney, 28 July 2022 (TDI): The Chief of Defense Force Australia, General Angus Campbell, and his US counterparts endorsed their continued commitment to a prosperous, inclusive & resilient Indo-Pacific region at a media roundtable conference in Sydney.

General Angus Campbell, General Mark Milley, and Admiral Chris Aquilino addressed the media. They reaffirmed the focus of the Australia-US Alliance on preserving the rules of international order and ensuring Indo-Pacific peace and prosperity.

Moreover, the leaders emphasized Australia-US close ties. They addressed the growing importance of force posture cooperation, such as the Marine Rotational Force Darwin and Enhanced Air Cooperation.

The enhanced force posture cooperation between Australia and the United States was recognized as a tangible example of how both nations can improve capabilities and interconnectivity through joint exercises and activities.

Additionally, they emphasized the importance of deep and long-term investment in the Indo-Pacific, as well as collaboration with regional partners on issues that are significant to them.

In this respect, they recognized the importance of increasing climate change engagement. In the same way, The leaders shifted their focus to evolving the Alliance to meet the changing strategic environment that supports Indo-Pacific stability and security.

All leaders emphasized their determination to work with Indo-Pacific partners and ensure that all nations can make sovereign choices.

Role of AUKUS in Open Indo-Pacific

The leaders agreed that combining efforts through AUKUS in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines would improve Australia’s ability to support the shared goal of a secure Indo-Pacific.

Besides, they also emphasized the importance of AUKUS Advanced Capabilities on other critical capabilities, such as subsea warfare, electronic warfare, quantum technologies, hypersonics, and counter-hypersonics emphasizing the need to maintain momentum in a deteriorating strategic environment.

Lastly, the leaders expressed their desire to continue working together, as well as with regional and global partners, to achieve their common goal of a prosperous and secure Indo-Pacific region.