New York, 23 February 2023 (TDI): The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), resumed its 11th emergency session on the Ukraine war in order to draft a new resolution aimed at restoring peace.

UNGA President, Csaba Kőrösi said that on the anniversary of the ongoing Ukrainian conflict the world bodies, UN Secretary-General & the global community remained consistent in their stance to end the war & show adherence to the UN Charter and international law.

He further stated that the anniversary reminded of the vulnerabilities that occur due to war, which needs peaceful solutions instead of military solutions. 

This war created unprecedented issues, many lives were lost, people were deprived of livelihoods, people faced forced displacements and humanitarian crises increased.

Russia must stop this bloodshed and adopt peaceful resolutions. The session introduced a new draft resolution and two proposed amendments. 

It is written in the draft that there is a dire need for a ceasefire, the demand for complete Russian withdrawal from Ukraine, and also emphasized accountability measures.

Consequences of War

The gravest consequence of this war is the causalities of more than 20,000 civilians including military personnel. Thousands of people are injured, and about fourteen million people are facing displacements within the country and in Europe.

Moreover, 40 percent of the Ukrainians are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The civilian infrastructure is destroyed. These consequences are a sheer violation of international humanitarian law. 

The UN and its agencies are working diligently in order to find solutions for the problems confronted by the masses and the Ukrainian government. There is a need for complete reconstruction, reconciliation, and transformation.

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While UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres said that the world community needs to support the Ukrainian issue. In this vein, he appealed for $5.6 billion in order to provide humanitarian aid.

He reiterated that the peaceful resolutions look dreary, for reliable and durable peace there is a need to adhere to UN Charted and international law. 

It is pertinent to note that, in the upcoming meeting of the General Assembly, more than 80 countries would expect to vote on the new draft resolution on Ukraine. 

Path to Peace

The Ukrainian Ambassador, Sergiy Kyslytsya called for the support of UN membership in passing the drafted resolution. “No one should be fooled by Russia’s empty calls for negotiations,” he said. 

Russia is engaged in recurrent violence and attacks, from the Dnipro River to the Russian border, also attacking the civilian infrastructure through cruise missiles and drones. 

Ukraine is surviving the atrocities of Russia in form of forcible deportation, torture, rape, and attacks on civilians. Ukraine needs the support of the world community to restore its territorial integrity, through restructuring and restoration measures.

This would discourage Russia to move back from aggressive moves. Ukraine vows a peaceful resolution of the conflict based on the UN charter and international law.

Russia’s Stance 

Contrarily, Russian Ambassador, Vasily Nebenzia said, the West is responsible for the Ukrainian crisis, and this crisis generated economic and food crises globally.

He argued that Moscow in its operations that started in 2022 wanted to end the eight-year-long war in Donetsk and Luhansk, two regions in eastern Ukraine. 

Russia wanted to snub the ‘Nazism’ and ‘Russianphobia’ in the region. The Kyiv ‘regime’ since 2014, banned negotiations and killing people. 

West is fighting against Russia in Ukraine, he said, ‘All decorum is set aside, and the goal is to inflict strategic defeat on my country. The United States (US) thinks the planet is their turf.’

Moscow is ready for a peaceful resolution but condemned the militaristic moves of the West closely covered in UN resolutions. 

Peaceful Resolution

In 2022, the members of the Security Council voted in favor of a vetoed resolution moved by the General Assembly. The main reason was to condemn the move of Russia against Ukraine. 

Then emergency sessions were convened ten sessions, in line with Resolution 377A (V) to discuss the peaceful resolution of the conflict-based situation. 

The above-mentioned resolution was adopted in 1950 in response to the efforts of the Soviet Union to block Security Council action regarding the war on the Korean Peninsula. That resolution is also known as ‘Uniting for Peace