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UNGA adopts Pakistan led Resolution on Global Islamophobia


New York, 17 March 2024 (TDI): The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has taken a significant step in the global fight against Islamophobia by adopting a resolution aimed at combating discrimination against Muslims.

Presented by Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the resolution calls for concrete measures to address Islamophobia, which has been on the rise both at societal and state levels.


Coinciding with the International Day to Combat Islamophobia, observed on March 15.

The resolution marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to promote tolerance and understanding among diverse communities worldwide.

This day holds particular significance as it commemorates the anniversary of the tragic Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, where 51 worshippers lost their lives during Friday prayers.

Addressing General Assembly

Pakistan’s chief diplomat at the UN, Ambassador Munir Akram, stressed the urgent need for action in his address to the General Assembly.

He highlighted the historical roots of Islamophobia and its alarming resurgence in recent years, exacerbated by events such as the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Ambassador Akram emphasized that Muslims continue to face discrimination in various facets of life, including immigration policies and travel restrictions.

He also pointed to instances of violence and hate crimes targeting Muslims. As well as the desecration of the Holy Qur’an, as manifestations of the pervasive issue of Islamophobia.

Appointment of Special Envoy

The resolution advocates for the appointment of a special envoy to address Islamophobia on a global scale.

Furthermore,underlining the importance of concerted international efforts to combat this phenomenon.

Pakistan’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations hailed the adoption of the resolution as a major milestone in the fight against hatred and discrimination.

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In a major development,the Mission announced on social media, the UN General Assembly just adopted the Resolution on ‘Measures to Combat Islamophobia.

The resolution, inter alia, calls for the appointment of the UN Special Envoy to combat Islamophobia. Pakistan facilitated the resolution on behalf of the OIC.

The resolution’s adoption underscores the commitment of the international community to uphold the principles of equality, tolerance, and respect for all faiths.

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of intolerance and prejudice.

Initiatives like this reaffirm the UN’s role as a beacon of hope for a more inclusive and harmonious future.

The writer is a dedicated graduate student pursuing an MPhil in DSS from NDU Islamabad.

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