Islamabad, 3 November 2022 (TDI): United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Pakistan held a meeting with the government of Baluchistan.

The meeting was chaired by the Additional Chief Secretary of Development (ACS) of the Planning and Development Department (P&DD), the government of Baluchistan.

The meeting was also attended by Assistant Resident Representative (ARR) Development Policy Unit UNDP Pakistan, Ammara Durrani, Zulfiqar Durrani, and Mustafa Mahmood.

The meeting aimed to discuss Baluchistan’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Support unit with the support of UNDP and the SDG Accelerated Delivery Project.

Baluchistan P&DD in partnership with UNDP is implementing a joint project “Mainstreaming, Acceleration, and Policy Support (MAPS) for SDGs in Baluchistan.

UNDP in Pakistan

UNDP is the United Nations agency founded in 1965. It is the largest aid agency of the UN with offices in 170 countries. UNDP aims to eliminate poverty and achieve economic and human development.

The resident representative of UNDP Pakistan is Knut Ostby who took up the position in 2021. In Pakistan, UNDP collaborates with civil society, the public sector, and the government to help develop solutions for developmental challenges.

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The organization works to build lasting institutional capacity. It also provides technical assistance to improve development outcomes.

Innovative global solutions are also provided to the government and people of Pakistan through a shared agenda. UNDP also assists the country in improving data quality and the collection sector.

The management sector is also boosted for better environmental management, climate change finance and adaptation, robust and accountable governance mechanisms, and capacities to respond effectively to conflict and disasters.

Planning and Development Department

The planning and development department (P&DD) of the Government of Baluchistan is a provincial planning body. Policy plans and development policy matters are formulated here.

The primary goal of the department is to optimize the available resources and develop development policies accordingly.