Islamabad, 28 December 2022 (TDI): The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has started a flood recovery Programme to assist the communities impacted by the floods of 2022. The Economic Affairs Division, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EAD), and the Government of Pakistan also collaborate to launch this program.

Major Pillars of the Programme

The four main pillars of UNDP’s flood recovery program are housing and community infrastructure, livelihood recovery, restoring government services, and disaster resilience and environmental protection.

These components are incorporated in cooperation with the Government of Pakistan, pertinent UN Agencies, civil society, development partners, and NGOs working in the affected areas.

Aims of the Programme

The program incorporates the needs noted in the PDNA (Post Disaster Needs Assessment) conducted by the government. Moreover, It also adheres to the national framework for resilient recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction (4RF).

This program will prioritize the reconstruction of homes and community infrastructure and the development of means of subsistence and employment. In addition, it will help support the restoration of public services and the development of resilient communities.

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Furthermore, The UNDP will bridge the short-, medium-, and long-term components of the response using its strategy for resilient recovery in Pakistan. This covers the humanitarian-development nexus and incorporates gender equality and environmental sustainability as guiding principles into all efforts.

UNDP in Pakistan

UNDP has already worked in Pakistan for the development of Women, to eradicate poverty, and to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.

In Sindh and Balochistan, two of the most affected provinces by the floods, UNDP has already begun recovery operations.  The implementing partners with UNDP were Islamic Relief and Taraqee Foundation.

Furthermore, Cash assistance for the needy and houses led by women are part of the ongoing work. The cash is granted in exchange for work to recover the damage.