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UN Women at the Security Council Meeting


New York, 27 October 2021 (TDI): The Chief of Peace and Security at UN Women, Paivi Kannisto; addressed the Security Council. Kannisto prepared for the Open Debate on women, peace, and security that was on 21 October.

Kannisto first explained the state of progress, and the need to invest in local women peacebuilders. The note then mentions that UN women work with the Secretary-General Office to report on the women, peace, and security agenda.

Kannisto then mentions that the presence of women at UN peace negotiations is 23%. 19% of parliamentary, and 23% of public administration positions women have them. But at this Generation Equality Forum, one-quarter is not enough.

Kannisto also remarked that Covid-19 and the deterioration of security in many countries have worsened it. Because there is more sexual violence, more child marriage, increased violence in refugee camps; and murders of activists.

Kannisto stated that investing in gender equality sustains peace. But in the middle of a pandemic, military spending increases. Kannisto also remarked how low is bilateral aid, which goes to women’s civil organizations. Those organizations are in fragile or conflict-affected countries, and the total in 2019, was 179 million.


Many organizations of women’s rights struggled to stay afloat. On the other side, Kannisto mentions that military spending increased 2.6%. In 2020, military spending reached 2 trillion dollars. Kannisto remarked the work of UN women with local women peacebuilders as important.

It is important because UN Women help them to mobilize international networks, they provide a megaphone to amplify their message, and fund their initiatives. Kannisto then stated that the structure of aid makes it difficult for the peacebuilders, to access funds.

She also mentioned that the organization collaborated with governments, to create the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund. The note remarks that the Fund helped more than 400 local organizations.

According to Kannisto, the goal of the Fund is to support 1000 women leaders. The Fund is also working to support emergency protection measures for women peacebuilders. Kannisto stated that 153 stakeholders have signed the Compact on Women Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action.

The note mentions that this was very timely because in many countries women’s rights are backsliding. She remarked that at the Generation Equality Forum, countries doubled down on their commitments. Kannisto also mentioned that in the Forum, the countries pledged 40 billion, and launched the Global Compact.

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