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Belarus Female Activists situation: UNHRC


Geneva, 27 October 2021 (TDI): The UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Belarus, Anaïs Marin; warned about women’s rights deterioration, on 26 October. Marin addressed the General Assembly about the situation that Female Activists face.


Marin stated that in general, women are being denied rights and freedom. But she then added that female political activists are subjects to enforced disappearances, torture, and exile. Marin remarked that the government’s efforts to promote rights at a policy level rarely translate.

She also mentioned that flaws in legislation have led to inequalities, discrimination, and protection gaps in abuse cases. Marin cited long-standing societal gender stereotypes, that reach the top. She also pointed out that there is little encouragement for women to be part of public life.

Marin observed that some women, besides suffering torture, and other forms of physical and psychological pressure; suffer the threat of seizure of their children. That threat comes from agencies that have the obligation to offer social protection. She also added that many others fled, out of fear.

Marin then described the pattern of the Belarus government which suppresses civil society; and curtails women’s freedom of association, and expression. According to her, the authorities detained 800 people on political grounds. Marin then added that the government destroyed more than 270 civil society organizations.

In her report, Marin also mentioned that academics, and human rights defenders were forced into exile as well. But on the other hand, the responsibility for human rights violations continues their acts. They don’t have the fear of having to face justice for their crimes.


Marin described the women in Belarus as courageous, because they peacefully stood up for their fundamental rights. She stated that they are a model for women everywhere who fight for their rights. Those rights include the right to a better life, free of violence, and discrimination.

Marin called the authorities of Belarus to see public activism as an opportunity to improve the protection of rights. The note then mentions that the special rapporteurs are appointed by the Human Rights Council. Their duties are to examine and report back on a specific human rights theme, or the situation of a country.

Carla Esparza Arteaga
Carla Esparza Arteagahttps://thediplomaticinsight.com
International Relations student at the Universidad de Navarra in Spain. Main interests are the work of International Organizations like the UN in the scope of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable human beings and the environment


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