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UN Secretary General appeals to end conflict in Gaza and Sudan


New York, 12 March (TDI): The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has appealed in his recent speech amid the beginning of the month of Ramadan, to establish a ceasefire in Gaza and to bring about an end to the conflict in Sudan.

In his recent speech, he iterates that Ramadan is a month when Muslims around the world celebrate and spread values of peace, reconciliation, and solidarity, however, despite this, even though Ramadan has begun, the killing, bombing, and bloodshed continue in Gaza.”

Ceasefire in Gaza

Antonio Guterres in his speech maintained that the world has seen after every passing month an increase in the killing of civilians in Gaza and destruction at a level that he has never witnessed before in his time as Secretary General.

Spokesperson Juliette Touma reports that it has been around six weeks since the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) was able to deliver aid to Gaza.

She further went on to report that there should be an increased level of humanitarian assistance that the people of Gaza should receive through the UNRWA.

The Secretary General has appealed to honor the spirit of Ramadan by silencing the guns and removing all obstacles to ensure the delivery of lifesaving aid at the speed and massive scale required. However, there have been obstacles in the way the people of Gaza are receiving aid.

The International Non-Governmental Organization vessel Open Arms, carrying about 200 tons of food, remained tied up at Larnaca in southeast Cyprus, as the vessel was waiting to receive permission to dock from the Israeli authorities.

Furthermore, needs in Gaza are urgent but their availability is scarce in the north. This is where UN humanitarians have warned that around 300,000 Gazans have been disconnected from humanitarian relief, sighting refusal to allow access by Israeli authorities.

The United Nations Secretary General Guterres reports that “life-saving relief for Palestinians in Gaza is coming in trickles – if it comes at all.”

Moreover, Antonio Guterres in his speech also maintained that world leaders have for months called for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, citing that the most compelling calls have come from the families of the victims of this war.

Palestinian families have shared distressing details of their loved ones being killed in Israeli bombardments and have insisted on an immediate ceasefire. One of the family members reported “We are not here for condolences.  We are not here to apologize.  We are here for immediate action.”

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Call to end conflict in Sudan

In his speech, Antonio Guterres also appealed for an end to hostilities in Sudan, in the month of Ramadan. He reports that the Sudanese families “face hunger, horror, and untold hardships”, and the fighting must be brought to an end for the wellbeing of the Sudanese people.

In days leading up to the month of Ramadan, Secretary General Antonio Guterres in his speech on the situation of Sudan and South Sudan reported that it will be a whole year since the barbaric fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Forces broke out.

Furthermore, the broken conflict in Sudan can lead to regional instability from the Sahel to the Horn of Africa to the Red Sea. There has also been an uptick in “renewed offenses in Khartoum State, Al Gazira State,” and elsewhere.

The decision by Sudanese authorities to allow cross-line access from eastern Sudan and the utilization of three airports for humanitarian flights, is welcomed, reports Guterres. Whereas, in the Jeddah Declaration, authorities must permit full and immediate humanitarian access to vulnerable people.

“This cessation of hostilities must lead to a definitive silencing of the guns across the country and set out a firm path towards lasting peace for the Sudanese people,” Guterres reports, stressing that “the values of Ramadan must prevail.”

A Ramadan ceasefire in Gaza and the end to hostilities in Sudan must be acknowledged at a critical time, as the conflict in Sudan marks one year and the war on Gaza looms without an end to sight.

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