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UN in Libya demands investigation for Tripoli shooting deaths


Tripoli, 20 February 2024 (TDI): UN in Libya demands investigation for Tripoli shooting deaths. They have called on authorities to investigate the fatal shooting of 10 individuals in a Tripoli neighborhood.

City security officials have stated that among the victims were two members of a prominent armed faction.

The UN emphasized the importance for authorities to avert any actions that may fuel escalation and exacerbate violence in a statement posted on social media.

Libya has experienced only a limited time of peace since the NATO-supported uprising in 2011. Also, the splintering in 2014 as rival factions seized control of various regions within the country.

Despite a ceasefire established in 2020, different factions maintain control over distinct government and security sectors.

Since 2020, sporadic clashes have erupted in Tripoli, characterized by intermittent confrontations between opposing groups. These clashes were occasionally intertwined with the broader political struggle for governance authority within the country.

The tool of diplomacy aims to resolve Libya’s conflict have primarily centered on organizing elections to replace governing bodies. These governing bodies were last elected over a decade ago. However, political factions have yet to reach a consensus on the specifics of conducting such a vote.

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Tripoli Shooting Deaths

The incident underscores concerns consistently voiced by the UN envoy to Libya regarding the significant dangers arising from conflicts between security entities. These incidents persistently jeopardize the fragile stability in Tripoli as stated by the UN mission.

According to the Tripoli security directorate, a group of unidentified armed individuals perpetrated the killings late Saturday night. Thus, the UN in Libya demands an investigation.

Significantly, the killings have claimed the lives of ten individuals. The killings also two members of the Stabilisation Support Apparatus (SSA), one of the largest and most influential forces in Tripoli.

Additionally, the SSA expressed sorrow over the loss of two of its members in a social media post. The group stated that they had been “victims of treachery” without elaborating further on the incident.


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