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Sudan demands reinstatement of African Union membership


Khartoum, 04 March 2024 (TDI): Sudan demands reinstatement of African Union (AU) membership before accepting their mediation to resolve the conflict. Sudan’s military leader, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, announced this demand.

He states that Sudan will only consider the African Union’s mediation to resolve the conflict if the African Union reinstates its full membership.

On Sunday, General Burhan engaged with representatives of the AU High-Level Panel on the Resolution of the Conflict in Sudan. The High-Level Panel consists of three members and was instituted by the AU Commission in January.

This three-member panel aims to facilitate dialogue, reinstate constitutional order, and foster collaboration among all Sudanese stakeholders.

These stakeholders include civilian groups, military factions, and regional as well as global entities such as IGAD, the UN, and the League of Arab States.

The panel aims to guarantee a comprehensive process. This will lead to the rapid restoration of peace and stability encompassing all stakeholders.

According to Sudan’s Sovereign Council statement, General Burhan conveyed Sudan’s trust in the AU. However, he is contingent upon Sudan regaining its full membership status and being treated accordingly by the organization.

Additionally, the statement mentioned that Ibn Chambas, African Union High Representative for Silencing the Guns, reaffirmed the AU’s dedication to assisting in resolving the conflict. Therefore, Sudan demands reinstatement of AU membership.

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AU membership suspension

African Union suspended Sudan’s membership from all bodies of the continental organization following the October 2021 takeover.

The takeover had involved General al-Burhan and RSF commander General Hamdane Daglo removing the civilian government and detaining its leaders. This action, widely condemned as a coup, sparked an increased frequency of protests occurring almost weekly.

The RSF, a paramilitary force, extended its authority over various regions. These regions encompass four out of five Darfur states, Gezira state, portions of Greater Kordofan, and the capital city, Khartoum. Reports of human rights violations emerged alongside this expansion.

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