Gaza, 19 October 2023 (TDI): A massive explosion hit a Gaza City hospital, claiming hundreds of lives, as per the Health Ministry. Palestine attributed it to an Israeli airstrike, while the Israeli military pointed to a misfired rocket by militants.

UN Human Rights, Chief Volker Türk expressed profound shock at the tragic event in Gaza. The massive strike targeted Al Ahli Arab Hospital, claiming hundreds of lives, including patients, healthcare workers, and families seeking refuge.

Türk emphasized the appalling nature of the attack, especially against the most vulnerable, deeming it completely unacceptable.

Volker Türk emphasizes the sanctity of hospitals, demanding their protection at any expense. He urges an immediate halt to the ongoing violence and killings, stressing the need for influential states to intervene.

Türk stresses accountability for those responsible and calls for safeguarding civilians, along with urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas has strongly condemned Israel for attacking al-Ahli Arab Hospital, describing the incident as a “hideous war massacre” that crossed all boundaries.

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President Abbas emphasized that the death of over 500 people in the attack cannot be tolerated, stating that Israel’s actions have gone beyond acceptable limits.

Palestine cited Israel’s evacuation order for Al-Ahli Hospital and its prior bombing as evidence of targeting. It emphasized the explosion’s scale, bomb trajectory, and destruction as indicators.

It is pertinent to note that many Palestinians sought refuge in hospitals following the city’s evacuation directive to the southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli strikes on Gaza claimed 2,778 lives and left 9,700 wounded, with a significant number being children, states the Gaza Health Ministry.

Additionally, 1,200 individuals might be trapped under debris, as per health authorities, raising concerns about their survival.