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UN Experts Call to Saudi Arabia and Vietnam


Geneva, 4 November 2021 (TDI): UN experts called Saudi Arabia and Vietnam to tackle human trafficking. The call comes after documenting the abuse of women, and girls. Traffickers recruit them to serve as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

As well, the experts stated that they are seeing that the traffickers target Vietnamese women and girls that are living in poverty. They also mentioned that many of them are already vulnerable, and marginalised. Then the experts added that traffickers are operating with impunity.


Some women and girls found themselves sexually abused, beaten, tortured, and other cruel treatments by the employers. The experts, this happens after signing with labour recruitment companies in Vietnam, when they arrive in Saudi Arabia. Then they added that the women were often denied food and medical treatment.

Also, the employers wouldn’t pay them or pay them less than what the contract stipulated. The experts urged both countries to adopt measures and policies to prevent and combat human trafficking. They also included the protection of trafficked workers in their call.

The experts also called their respective governments to ensure bilateral cooperation on labour migration. According to them, that cooperation needs to be based on human rights, and need to include effective accountability mechanisms.

The UN experts suggested to Saudi Arabia to protect migrant domestic workers under its labour law protections. Then they said that they received alarming allegations regarding some companies in Vietnam. Those allegations were that some companies in Vietnam recruited girls as domestic workers, and forged their age, to hide that they were children.


The experts cited the case of a 15-year old Vietnamese girl. This girl fell ill due to the beatings that her employer inflicted, she was also denied food and medical treatment. The girl arranged to return home but died before she could board her flight.

Her family has not been able to get her body back home, because the labour recruitment agency forged her documents.


According to the note, between 3 September and 28 October 2021, nearly 205 women were repatriated to Vietnam. Many of those women were alleged victims of human trafficking.


Then the experts called on Vietnam to strengthen the welfare services and to provide assistance to the women that return. This assistance includes medical and psychosocial care, and also legally.

The experts then urged both countries to conduct an investigation, impartially and independently. This investigation is regarding human rights abuses perpetrated against migrant women and girls. It would need to investigate the alleged involvement of public authorities, to then prosecute the perpetrators.

The experts reminded Saudi Arabia and Vietnam of their international legal obligations to cooperate in the fights against human trafficking. These obligations include criminal justice investigations, providing effective remedies, and assisting the victims.

The note mentions that Special procedure mandate holders have been in contact with Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. They expressed their desire to continue this engagement with both governments.

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