Stockholm, 3 June 2022 (TDI): Antonio Guterres, the UN Chief, spoke at the Stockholm50 meeting, urging countries to save the environment. The UN Chief has warned that the earth’s natural systems will be unable to meet global demands.

This is despite the protection of the planet since 1972. One of the accomplishments, as emphasized by the UN Chief, is the preservation of the ozone layer.


The UN Secretary-General underlined his worry about the triple planetary crisis. He urged action to avert a “triple planetary crisis” brought on by the climate emergency.

He also urged delegates at the Swedish summit summoned by the UN General Assembly to “lead us out of this mess.” More people are killed and relocated every year as a result of the triple planetary crisis.

Biodiversity loss has occurred all over the planet. It has put the lives of almost three billion people in jeopardy. In addition, pollution and trash claim the lives of nine million people each year.

Thus, the UN Secretary-General has encouraged countries to do more to defend this fundamental human right. These basic human rights include a safe and healthy environment for everybody.

He insisted on focusing on poor areas, women, and girls in particular. Indigenous peoples and future generations were also considered. The Secretary-General went on to discuss the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

GDP is a measure of a country’s economic clout and is part of the dispensing solution. This solution, according to the UN chief, is an accounting system that promotes pollution and waste.

In the current global environment, he argued, GDP is not a good metric to assess wealth. This is because deforestation and overfishing both increase GDP.

Urgent Need for Environmental Rescue

On this point, Antonio Guterres stressed the importance of stepping up efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. He expressed this attitude after urging all governments to contribute even more resources to achieving SDG 17.

This came after a request for countries to adhere to the 2015 Paris Agreement in order to combat these risks. Moving forward, the UN Secretary-General addressed the issue of hot air.

“Hot air is killing us,” he added, urging governments to stop subsidizing fossil fuels. Developed countries should “at least double” their aid to poorer countries by investing in renewable energy.

This will assist them in coping with an increasing number of climate shocks. A new global biodiversity framework is poised to receive its final touches.

This is in order to halt the decline of natural resources by 2030. Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, echoed this attitude.

According to the UN Chief, work is also underway to establish a pact to combat plastic pollution. The United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon in 2022 intends to re-energize efforts to protect our oceans.

In conclusion, he stated that every government, industry, and individual must play a part. This will aid the world in averting a climatic disaster.

It will end a humanitarian and inequity crisis that is worsening. It will also encourage inclusive and sustainable development, as noted by the UN Secretary-General.

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