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UK’s Deputy High Commissioner to Kenya Met Nakuru’s Governor


Nakuru, 8 October 2021 (TDI): Julius Court, the Deputy High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to Kenya, met Lee Kinyanjui, the Governor of Nakuru, where both parties discussed Kenya’s growing economy, its impediments, and way forwards.

The meeting mainly aimed at the economic growth of Kenya and how the growing trade between the United Kingdom and Kenya can pave the way for rapid economic growth in Kenya. The major focus of trade remained on Agricultural exports and how they can work of job creation in Nakuru.


Along with it, the attendees of the meeting discussed the educational development of Kenya. Following this, the Deputy High Commissioner showered full support for the educational growth of Kenya.

Moreover, tourism and preservation of historical sites were discussed during the meeting between the Kenyan and UK officials. 

The meeting ended with a discussion about smart city development in Kenya with collaboration with the United Kingdom.


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