Beijing, 23 February 2022 (TDI): Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi expressed the concern of China about the situation in Ukraine. He emphasized that reconciliation, moderation, and addressing differences via mutual dialogues are the only way forward.

In this regard, Wang Yi reminded the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, during a phone call that genuine security concerns of any nation should be respected. China urges all parties to display restraint.

Whilst during the call, Blinken on his part emphasized the need of preserving Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. In addition, China’s Embassy in Ukraine stated they would guarantee that the nutritional needs of Chinese nationals in Ukraine are addressed synchronously.

The situation on the ground in Ukraine is uncertain at best presently with all the stakeholders being at loggerheads. In this regard, the Western States are worried that the deployment of Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine will escalate the situation and lead to war.

However, Russia claims its intention is to not attack Ukraine. However, the international media has criticized the Russian President for using ambiguous tactics.

Blinken and Wang also have discussed North Korean events. China supports direct conversation between the US and North Korea. Not to mention they would attempt to play a positive role in the settlement of the Korean Peninsula’s nuclear problem.

China has always been a staunch advocate of respecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states. Likewise, it has urged all parties involved in the Ukraine crisis as well as the stakeholders of the Korean Peninsula to act prudently.