Kyiv, 16 June 2023 (TDI): During a telephonic conversation on June 15, the Ukrainian President expressed appreciation for Belize’s continued support of Ukraine and requested Belize’s participation in implementing Ukraine’s Peace Formula at the Global Summit, as well as establishing an international tribunal for Russian war crimes.

The two sides also showed shared intentions about organizing the Ukraine-Latin America Summit.

 Acknowledging the Support for Ukraine

The President expressed his gratitude and recognized Belize’s support for Ukraine during the ongoing war, through different platforms notably the UN, the Caribbean Community and the Crimean Platform among others.

Belize has always ensured its unwavering support for Ukraine including the condemnation of Russian acts of aggression, at the UN and encouraging a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Offer to Support the Ukrainian Peace Formula

The Ukraine President offered the Belizean Prime Minister to participate in the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula, along with gracing the Global Peace Summit with his presence.

Ukraine presented a 10-point peace plan at the G-20 Summit in November 2022, which focused on cessation of hostilities, withdrawal of Russian troops from occupied areas, energy, nuclear and food security, prevention of ecocide and establishment of an international tribunal for prosecuting Russian war crimes.

Since then, President Zelenskyy has embarked on a diplomatic drive to convince world leaders to support his peace plan.

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Therefore, in a telephonic conversation held earlier between the President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Belize in January 2023, the President urged the Prime Minister to support his peace plan.

Ukraine’s Urge for Global Peace Proposal

While highlighting the importance of the establishment of the international tribunal for Russian aggression against Ukraine, President Zelenskyy pressed the Prime Minister of Belize to support the process by joining the Core Group.

Also, at the G7 meeting in November 2022, President Zelenskyy proposed a Global Peace Summit to discuss the Ukrainian peace plan.

Therefore, Ukraine has been pressing its allies to participate in the proposed summit in order to ensure the presence of a large number of countries.