Islamabad, 18 August 2022 (TDI): The United Kingdom (UK) and Pakistan signed a landmark agreement enabling London to repatriate Pakistani nationals involved in crimes and immigration laws.

The agreement would mean that the UK could send back Pakistanis involved in visa violations and other petty crimes. This treaty will repatriate the Pakistanis who seek asylum on flimsy grounds.

New Plan for Immigration

“I’m proud to have signed a new landmark agreement with our Pakistani friends to return foreign criminals and immigration offenders from the UK to Pakistan,” British Home Secretary Priti Patel announced in a tweet while signing the agreement.

“This deal shows our #NewPlanForImmigration in action, as we deliver for the British people,” she further wrote on her official Twitter handle.

A statement from the Pakistani High Commission said, “The agreement renews and updates, in a bilateral context an earlier agreement between Pakistan and the European Community regarding readmission of persons residing without authorization concluded in Oct 2009. The bilateral agreement was necessitated by the exit of the UK from the European Union.”

Many Pakistanis travel to the UK, some on student visas and others as tourists but often they never return. They seek asylum there. Under the new agreement, those whose visas had expired and who had extended their stay illegally would be sent back.

Pakistan and UK relations

Pakistan and the UK maintain cordial relations rooted in history and shared legacy. Regular high-level interactions and strong people-to-people contacts reinforce these relations. Both countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The UK is Pakistan’s largest European trading, investment, and development partner. It is also one of Pakistan’s leading development assistance partners. The UK has one of the largest Pakistani Diasporas in Europe, estimated at over 1.6 million.