Karachi, 03 September 2023(TDI): The United Kingdom gifted Pakistan with state-of-the-art security scanners on 31 August, which are intended for deployment at major airports throughout the country.

These scanners have been acquired to enhance safe air travel for all passengers.

A ceremony to transfer two airport security scanners was graced by the presence of Jane Marriott, British High Commissioner to Pakistan.

Expressing her delight, the British High Commissioner stated that handing over these cutting-edge airport security scanners in Karachi is a clear demonstration of the United Kingdom’s commitment to bolstering security at Pakistan’s airports.

Jane emphasized that the shared goal is to ensure the safety and security of travellers, and this new technology brings added assurance to passengers flying from Pakistan.

She highlighted the connection between aviation and the expanding trade relationship between the UK and Pakistan.

Facilitating safe travel for the diaspora and enhancing overall aviation safety further strengthens the bonds between the two nations.

British High Commissioner during the inauguration of advanced scanners

Jane expressed her gratitude to the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority for organizing the ceremony and for the outstanding cooperation between the two countries on matters related to aviation security and safety.

The special and continuously strengthening bond between the UK and Pakistan is further reinforced by the presence of over 1.6 million individuals of Pakistani heritage in the UK, who contribute to all aspects of British society.

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The fact that hundreds of thousands of individuals travel between the UK and Pakistan annually underscores the immense significance of the people-to-people relationship between the two countries.

Moreover, air connectivity plays a pivotal role in facilitating trade between the UK and Pakistan, as well as in serving the needs of the diaspora.

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This represents just a fraction of the ongoing aviation collaboration between the UK and Pakistan, a partnership dedicated to elevating safety and security standards.

The United Kingdom places significant emphasis on aviation safety and adheres to international minimum standards, which not only guarantee safe and secure air travel for both British and Pakistani citizens but also foster the growth of international aviation.