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Uganda, France and the UN signed agreement


New York, 16 September 2021 (TDI): Uganda, France, and the United Nations entered into a deal to train UN peacekeepers to fly drones and collect information and related activities. Adonia Ayebare, Permanent Representative of Uganda to the UN,  announced the agreement on Tuesday said that the peacekeepers will receive training at the UN Academy for Peace Operations, located in Entebbe.

Adonia Ayebare said that the program involves the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in UN peacekeeping missions for intelligence, surveillance, and recognition, and it will receive direct assistance from UPDF and CAA. The Permanent Representative of Uganda was talking to the Ambassadors after the signing of this Agreement at the 76th United Nations General Assembly. Adonia Ayebare further said that Uganda is looking forward to furthering cooperation on digital technologies use in peacekeeping operations with the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and the French government.

The Academy was created in 2015 and is located at Entebbe’s United Nations Regional Service Centre.

The Training Center represents Member States’ willingness to work together, promoting operational coherence among the multiplicity of national forces that unite under the UN banner to promote world peace.

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