Doha, 26 October 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Turkiye, Hakan Fidan, and the Foreign Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani held a joint press conference on the Gaza crisis in Doha on October 25.

Remarks by Foreign Minister of Turkiye

The Turkish Foreign Minister highlighted that the talks held in Qatar centered on addressing developments in Gaza, as well as discussions on bilateral cooperation between the two countries, including the upcoming meeting of the High-Level Strategic Committee in Doha.

He also pointed out that the ongoing Israeli brutality in Gaza, witnessed by the world, was one of the most important issues he discussed with officials in Qatar, noting that Israel is targeting innocent civilians even in mosques and hospitals

Besides that, he praised Qatar’s efforts and constructive role in the de-escalation of Gaza.

He also stressed that Turkiye attaches great importance to the Qatari role regarding the hostage issue and their release.

Furthermore, he commended Qatar’s highly positive role in the humanitarian situation in Gaza, stating that these efforts are praiseworthy and commendable.

Remarks by Foreign Minister of Qatar

The Qatari Foreign Minister on his part affirmed the State of Qatar’s firm position in condemning all forms of targeting civilians, regardless of their racial, religious, or national backgrounds, and its complete rejection of double standards in dealing with the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

In this regard, he rejected the double standards within the international community in dealing with the Gaza crisis, stating that the killing of civilians in one place and justifying it in another is condemnable.

He also condemned the politicization of humanitarian aid and besieging Gazans as a tool for punishment.

He also stressed that Qatar condemns the policy of collective punishment against Gaza and its residents and asserted that the world is facing a test of international law.

He emphasized the need to coordinate with regional and international partners to de-escalate the situation and prevent the region from sliding into a broader cycle of violence, where people would bear the cost.

The Qatari Foreign Minister shared that the negotiations with the Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan encompassed all political and humanitarian aspects of the Gaza crisis, including de-escalation, calling a ceasefire, and avoiding any form of civilian targeting, especially women and children.

He also praised Turkiye’s support for the rights of the Palestinian people, stating that they share a common position in their discussions today.

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The Qatari Foreign Minister also warned that false accusations against Qatar by some Israeli officials during the current crisis will undermine ongoing efforts and endanger lives, and they can only be understood within the context of political blackmail and propaganda.

The Qatari Foreign Minister at the press conference called for all international and regional partners of Qatar to mobilize international efforts to reach a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue and praised all regional, international, and UN efforts in this regard.

The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Al-Thani reiterated during the press conference the importance of continuing coordination with Turkiye and other regional and international partners to find a solution to this crisis.