Azerbaijan Victory Day congratulations from the Turkic Council on 8 November
Azerbaijan Victory Day congratulations from the Turkic Council on 8 November

Istanbul, 9 November 2021 (TDI): The Secretary-General of the Turkic Council, Baghdad Amreyev, congratulated Azerbaijan for Victory Day; on 8 November. Amreyev first expressed how honored he was to congratulate Azerbaijan for Victory Day.

He then added that Victory Day marks the restoration of territorial integrity this was the result of the 44-Days Patriotic War.

Amreyev stated that the victory of the army, under the guidance of the President set the foundations down to ensure peace, security, and stability for the citizens. He then remarked that Victory day was important to Azerbaijan for development and prosperity.

Amreyev reaffirmed the support of the Council and the Turkish-speaking countries towards Azerbaijan. He also remarked that the Council supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Amreyev stated the Council also urged Armenia to withdraw its troops from occupied territories.

The council condemned the attacks that targeted civilians and supports Azerbaijan during their battle for their territory during the war. Amreyev then mentioned that the citizens are proud of the 44-day war and the victory day. He then added that this represented a boost to Member State’s solidarity and between Turkic people.


Besides the congratulations of the Council, Amreyev remarked that they commemorated the martyrs with respect. The Turkic Council is also known as the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States.

In 2009, the four founding members established the countries, and it is an inter-governmental organization. The objective of the Council is to promote cooperation among Turkic countries. Four countries founded the Council those are Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Uzbekistan joined as a full member during the 7th Summit of the Council, which was in Baku in 2019. Hungary has been an observer state since 2018. The Council dedicates its work to strengthening peace, stability, and promoting cooperation. It aims to be a new regional instrument to advance cooperation in Eurasia, particularly the Caucasus and Central Asia.