Azerbaijan Victory Day celebration message of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkey
Azerbaijan Victory Day celebration message of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkey

Istanbul, 9 November 2021 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey congratulated Azerbaijan for Victory Day, on 8 November. The Turkish Ministry congratulated Azerbaijan, via Twitter.

The Ministry celebrated Victory Day, because it represents the victory of Azerbaijan over Armenia, in the 44-day Patriotic War, last year. The army of Azerbaijan defeated the Armenians in occupied territories, in 44 days.

According to the Ministry, the army liberated Shusha in the end. The country used its right of self-defense, to regain its territory. The Trilateral Declaration registered the victory of Azerbaijan. On 9 November, Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan signed the Declaration.

The note mentioned that through the Declaration, the countries started to implement the Security Council’s resolutions, which had not been implemented for years. Then the Ministry expressed their content that with Azerbaijan’s victory, 1 million displaced citizens finally can return to their homes.


The Victory of Azerbaijan also means another important fact. The Ministry stated that the victory paved the way to ensure peace, security, stability, and also it represents an opportunity for cooperation in the region.

Then the Ministry remarked on two projects, only indicating the constructive power of Azerbaijan. The projects mentioned were the Füzuli International Airport and also the Victory Road in Karabakh.

The Ministry reaffirmed its commitment to the idea that two states are one nation, they also remarked that the relations between both were raised to alliance through the Shusha Declaration. They stated that they share the pride and also the joy of Azerbaijan. Then the Ministry remarked that the solidarity of Turkey with Azerbaijan will continue.


The Ministry of Turkey also respectfully commemorated the martyrs of Azerbaijan for their independence. According to the Ministry, the martyrs gave their lives for the freedom of Karabakh.

Finally, the Turkish Ministry expressed gratitude towards the war veterans for their efforts and sacrifices. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan thanked the Turkish Ministry for their congratulations.