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Turkey reaffirms commitment to peace in Russia-Ukraine War


Ankara, 25 February 2024 (TDI): The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Turkey stated regarding the second anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine War on February 24, 2024. Turkey acknowledged the importance of Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

Moreover, it reaffirmed its commitment to peace in the Russia-Ukraine War by fostering dialogue and cooperation between the conflicting parties.

Recognition of Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty

Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognized the adverse effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on the stability of Ukraine. “As the war in Ukraine leaves its second year behind, the devastating impact of the conflict on Ukraine is growing”, the statement read.

Turkey emphasized the need to bring “an end to the suffering of the Ukrainian people.” In addition, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs spotlighted the negative regional and global consequences of the conflict.

Amid escalating regional and global repercussions of the conflict, Turkey has proposed its role as a mediator. The offer is aimed at facilitating negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow and bringing an end to the fighting.

The Russia-Ukraine war which began in February 2022, has cost tens of thousands of lives. In terms of material damage, the war has resulted in substantial depletion of human resources, devastation of agricultural trade infrastructure, and extensive impairment of production capabilities.

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Emphasis on diplomacy and engagement

Recognizing the importance of diplomatic channels for conflict resolution, the statement emphasized role of Turkey in the Russia-Ukraine war .

Furthermore, it explicitly affirmed that Turkey would remain steadfast in pursuing a peaceful resolution of the conflict. “We believe that through constructive dialogue and engagement, a pathway to peace can be paved,” it said.

Finally, Türkiye renewed its commitment to standing in solidarity with Ukraine and working towards a future where peace, stability, and prosperity prevail.

“Türkiye’s efforts for a just and lasting solution based on Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity will continue,” the statement concluded.

Natasha Matloob
Natasha Matloob
The writer is pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Relations from National Defense University, Islamabad.

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