Ankara, 2 March 2022 (TDI): On Wednesday  Turkey and Kazakstan commemorated the anniversary day of the establishment of their bilateral relations. Both states have long had brotherly and cordial connections with each other.

Statement of Turkey’s Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey has issued the statement of ‘Goodwill” for Kazakhstan. In the statement,  it has been said that Turkey was the first state to recognize Kazakhstan’s independence on the day of its declaration on December 16, 1991.

Turkey continues to stand behind Kazakhstan today and forever. Their historical and cultural links will always keep them together in the future, just as in the past

Kazakhstan has achieved enormous progressive achievements in a short period of 30 years. Both states, thanks to their deep-rooted history and traditions, which they share, have helped them elevate their well-deserved position in the world as respected and responsible members of the international community.

Further, the Foreign Ministry of Turkey stated that their contacts and wide collaboration network at both the bilateral and international levels now have a solid contractual foundation. Moreover, gratitude and appreciation have been expressed for the diversity of the agreements and papers signed throughout their collaboration.

According to the statement, Turkey will continue to support Kazakhstan for its sovereignty, stability, prosperity, and profound collaboration. Whether it be in regional and international organizations, especially the Organization of Turkic States.

As both states celebrate the 30th anniversary of their diplomatic relations, Turkey extends their best wishes to the brotherly people of Kazakhstan. In addition, Turkey and Kazakhstan reaffirmed their determination to enhance their cooperation in all areas. For instance, the well-being and prosperity of their people.

Ceremony in Kazakhstan Embassy and Views of Ambassador

Meanwhile, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ankara arranged an accolading ceremony to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Turkey-Kazakhstan diplomatic relations. 

The Kazakh ambassador to Turkey, Abzal Saparbekuly, lauded the bilateral ties and stated both states. Emphasizing that the connections are not only historical and deep but also multifaceted. He acknowledged the unprecedented assistance and support of Turkey during the earlier years of Kazakhstan’s independence. Saparbukely appreciated that Turkey’s support was and still unforgettable.

He paid gratitude to Turkish universities for awarding the scholarships to Kazakh students and praised their outstanding role in the region. Regarding commercial relations, Turkey is among the largest investors and trading partners of Kazakhstan.

Ambassador Saparbekuly also commended the Turkish-Kazakh’s transportation and military collaboration and denoted the undergoing series of negotiations for further cooperation in these areas.

He further praised Turkey’s internal arrangements that the Turkish government recognizes the need for open and effective public administration and takes apposite actions in the best interest of prosperity and progress.

Moreover, he stated that Turkey’s administration is working hard to remove corruption in the country, which has created significant consternation for the citizens.

The signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2009 has made both states the most important political and economic allies in the area.

Bilateral relations between both states cover a wide range of aspects, including trade, investment, culture, tourism, health, education, and military concerns, all of which are mutually beneficial spheres of collaboration.